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Tiwa Kavir Traders Company (TKT) is one of the largest and most reputable suppliers of sesame, date and chocolate products as well as herbal essences in Iran. We started our work in the field of producing sesame products in 2017 and then we have continued our work until today by adding more diverse products.


We believe that selling is the beginning of a commitment.We try to make our food products according to the taste and dignity of the consumer. In this way, we use the latest knowledge in the world and employ experienced and young staff in a dynamic work environment to use the best raw materials to provide appropriate services for an active presence in global markets, In the food industry.Also, the protection of natural elements and respect for the environment are on our agenda at all stages of these activities.


TKT Food Industries is striving to become one of the most popular and healthiest food brands in the world and with increasing efforts and development, take big steps to eliminate hunger in the world.

Years In Business
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Some distinctive and unique features of our company are mentioned in the following:

✅ Daily production of 30 tons of sesame products and 60 tons of other food products.

✅ Use of fully automatic Italian packaging machines with the aim of maintaining product quality.

✅funding to the R&D unit for producing and improving innovative food products.

✅ Having the Iranian standard, ISO 14001, ISO 22000, ISO 9001, ISO 45001, HACCP from the German company TUV and HALAL certification.

✅ We dont use any kind of preservatives, flavors and artificial colors in manufactured products.