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Are you searching for a healthy substitute for sugar? For those who like to eat sweet desserts

but can’t tolerate sugar, date products are great alternatives. Date syrup is one of the most

delicious and popular products that is made by processing dates. It is not only sweet and

delightful but also carries all the benefits that dates hold. Therefore, that’s can be your

choice. Let’s see what health benefits that’s has and how you can use it

What are the benefits of Date syrup?

Since date syrup is made from pitted dates, it has the sweet taste of this fruit and still holds all the benefits of


It has antioxidants

Studies indicate that dates are high in antioxidants, which makes any related products healthy for the immune

system. Antioxidants can prevent the cells from the damages caused by aging or the lack of immunity.

Therefore, eating foods that are high in antioxidants can help our body become secure against several

diseases, such as respiratory problems, heart disease, or brain damages caused by aging, such as


Date syrup has antibacterial properties

New evidence shows that date syrup might have antibacterial effects. However, researchers believe more

research is needed on this subject, but due to the presence of phenolic compounds in dates, they have shown

effective results in reducing the growth of several bacteria. Middle easterners not only consumed that’s

because of its distinctive taste and health benefits but also used it to cure wounds, which can support the

effectiveness of this syrup as an antibacterial product.

Note: It doesn’t mean that you can consume that’s to treat different diseases, this product can help your

body become stronger and more immune but don’t count on it as a medicine.

Dates are rich in minerals and vitamins that are needed in the body

Our body needs several minerals and vitamins during the day to stay healthy and strengthful. Fortunately,

dates have the necessary minerals and vitamins for the body, such as zinc, magnesium, potassium, calcium,

and iron. It also contains vitamin C, vitamin B6, and vitamin A, which are beneficial to the body.

It can give you energy you need during the day

Dates are high in calories. Eating only one spoon of date syrup in the morning can give you energy all day

long. That’s why most athletes consume date products to become more energetic before their workouts. Date

and its products are the most popular foods for Muslims during Ramadan. They usually eat it in the morning,

so they don’t need to eat anything else all day because it gives them the energy they may need during the


Date syrup is rich in fiber

Fiber can help the digestive system, and dates are high in dietary fiber. Therefore, not only it is easy to digest

date syrup, but also this product can help with absorbing other foods. It is hard for some people to digest

fruits, but dates are easy to eat, and that’s is even easier to digest.

It is cholesterol-free

Dates don’t have any cholesterol, and since this product is made without any additives, such as extra oil, it is

healthy for the heart. Therefore, people with heart diseases can safely eat date syrup without being concerned

about their cholesterol intake.

Date Syrup Uses

Date syrup has a sweet flavor and a soft texture, which makes it similar to honey. Therefore, it can be

consumed like honey too.

  • It is easy to add date syrup to different recipes, including cakes and desserts. It is an exceptional alternative to sugar.

  • Date syrup can be eaten individually. Some people like to enjoy this delicious syrup at breakfast.

  • People who enjoy sweet flavor can make unique sauces with this product.

  • It is a preferred ingredient for different diets, such as vegan and paleo diets.

  • It is also used as a delightful dressing over ice creams.

Is Date syrup healthy for people with diabetes?

Since date syrup has natural sugar, which doesn’t spike the blood sugar levels as much as artificial sugar

does, it is a safe choice for people with diabetes. However, even though Dates have a low GI, overeating

might have a negative impact on blood sugar level. Therefore, if you have diabetes, consult with your medical

assistant about consuming this product. Your doctor will let you know how much that’s you are allowed to

eat in a day based on your condition.

How much date syrup is healthy to eat in a day?

As a healthy person without having diabetes, you can eat between 4 to 6 dates during a day based on the

type of date (larger dates might have more calories and sugar). But we can’t count the numbers of dates per

serving of date syrup. Therefore, it’s better to avoid eating too much that’s, especially if you want to lose

weight. That’s is high in calories and rich in natural sugar, which means overeating it might harm your

body. It’s recommended to eat no more than seven teaspoons of that’s per day. Moreover, if you have

any health problems, such as diabetes, it’s better to talk to your doctor about the amount of date syrup you

can eat per day.

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