Fig syrup

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This homemade fig syrup is made from dried mission figs and turbinado sugar, resulting in a uniquely sweet

and fruity syrup that’ll have your taste buds clamoring for more! Orchard Choice California Dried Mission

Fig lets give this syrup a complex molasses-like flavor and stunning garnet hue.


What is fig syrup good for?


Fig syrup helps to fight some of the effects of high blood pressure especially because it increases potassium

levels in the body. The fig plant contains chemicals that help to regulate blood sugar levels.

The syrup contains laxative properties and can be used to treat constipation.


What does fig syrup taste like?


While this syrup simmers the aromas that waft through the kitchen are simply wonderful. It’s a little green and

grassy, but warm and maybe a little tropical, a bit like coconut. The syrup itself tastes unmistakably of figs and

can be used in as many things as you can come up with.


What are the side effects of fig?


Fig LEAF is POSSIBLY SAFE for most people when taken by mouth for up to one month as a medicine.

However, in high doses, fig LATEX, the sap from the tree, might cause bleeding in the digestive tract in some

people. Applying fig leaf to the skin is POSSIBLY UNSAFE. It can cause skin to become extra sensitive to the sun.


Are figs good for weight loss?


Being rich in nutrients like calcium, phosphorus, manganese, potassium, copper and magnesium, figs

can help in increasing metabolism. This will help you in weight loss and keeping your body slim.


Is fig Good for cough?


Figs and fig juice can be used to treat throat and related problems such as sore throat, whooping cough,

asthma, laryngitis & bronchitis. Fig leaf tea is a natural remedy to alleviate dry cough and reduce severity of

asthma .The fresh fig is seasonal but dried figs or anjeer are available all year round.


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