Grape syrup

Grape syrup

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Grape syrup is a condiment made with concentrated grape juice. It is thick and sweet because of its high ratio

of sugar to water. That’s is made by boiling grapes, removing their skins, squeezing them through

a sieve to extract the juice, and adding sugar. Like other fruit syrups, a common use of That is as a

topping to sweet cakes, such as pancakes or waffles.

What is grape syrup good for?

Our Grape Syrup is the perfect ingredient to help you add a rich, fruity grape flavour to your favourite drinks

and sweet treat recipes – whether you’re making desserts, milkshakes, ice cream or cocktails. Why not also try

our other Tropical Sun Syrups: Cherry, Kola, Strawberry, Vanilla and Tropical.

Is grape syrup a thing?

Grape syrup makes a great topping! You can drizzle warm that’s on oatmeal, yogurt, ice cream

sundaes, pancakes, and more. You can also use the syrup in your favorite cocktail recipes or mix it with a little

soda water to make a refreshing grape drink.

What can you do with grape syrup?

The real question should be: what can’t you do with grape syrup? Admittedly, whenever you find yourself with

some beautiful, plump grapes, a syrup may not be the first thing you think about making.

However, this syrup is absolutely delicious and incredibly versatile!

I’ve used it in my Cinnamon Ice Cream with Grape Ripple and Caramelized Oats, but it would also be a great

addition to a plain grape ice cream or even a simple vanilla ice cream! On top of that, you can use it to imbibe

a rich, dark chocolate cake and stir it through a simple buttercream in order to make a beautiful chocolate

grape cake, dilute it with water to make a refreshing, fruity drink or simply stir it through your morning yogurt!

The options are endless!

Can you drink grape vine sap?

Sap collects quickly and after filtering through a coffee filter it is absolutely clear and tastes refreshing. Never

had any health problems from it and the grapevine doesn’t even notice as it’s a huge vine. Stay away from the

main shoots and just nip the new growth back.

What is grape honey?

Grape honey (in Arabic: Dabas) is a sweet syrup made from grapes. It is very popular in and the Middle East,

Georgian, Mediterranean cuisines.

Is grape molasses good for you?

Molasses is a good source of iron, selenium, and copper, all of which help maintain healthy bones ( 5 ). The

syrup also contains some calcium, which plays an important role in bone health and preventing osteoporosis

(6). However, other healthful food sources of these minerals are widely available.

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